Box Sets to Bulk Your Library

For some people, getting a large variety of books all at the same time can be attractive. This could be if you’re a new teacher creating your first classroom library, or a completionist who just wants to ensure they have the full range of things.

We’ll try and keep this post updated with the available box sets of graphic novels that we can find. See one missing? Send us a note.

Science Comics

The science comics series can be hit or miss at times, since each book has a drastically different style (partially due to the wide range of authors and expertise). Nonetheless, so far Science Comics is near unrivalled if you’re looking for a single series of 18 books which has a little bit of everything.

Secret Coders

Gene Yang and Mike Holmes knock it out of the park in this set of 6 books. If you’re looking for engaging books for a Math or Technology classroom, this might be the set for you.