Graphic Novels from Small Publishers

Small publishers play an essential role in the literary world, providing a platform for diverse voices and innovative ideas that might not otherwise receive the attention they deserve. Small publishers have the agility to potentially focus on niche genres, experimental formats, and unconventional topics that appeal to more specialized audiences.

Small publishers are often more willing to take risks on new and emerging writers, who may not have established reputations or extensive marketing budgets. This can lead to the discovery of fresh and exciting voices that might not have been otherwise discovered. Below are just a few of these books that we’ve enjoyed to broaden some of your library.

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The Curie Society

This is a book that feels a little more “super-hero-ish” than many of the more biographical Graphic Novels. Because of this, particularly younger readers may find this to be a fun take on many of the topics while of course still providing some rigour.

Published by The MIT Press

Graphic Science

While a bit philosophical at times, Graphic Science tries to provide a new lens on some big names in science like George Washington Carver and Nicola Tesla. The author, Darryl Cunningham, often pushes the envelope on helping your students think and possibly helping to open new ideas in their minds.

Published by Myriad Editions

Max the Demon

Max the Demon is a focused book to help students better understand Physics and Thermodynamics. Assa Auerbach and Richard Codor have worked tirelessly through Kickstarter to put out a truly engaging novel. Stay tuned for a full highlight post on this.

Published by Loose Line Productions Inc.