Science Comics: Crows is an accessible and entertaining trove of facts about crows, including information about their social lives, brains, eating styles, etc. This graphic novel not only connects learning about crows to the typical "family, genus, species" hierarchy, it also describes a number of experiments that have been conducted with crows to show evidence of their intelligence.

Why should I read this book?

The illustrations are beautiful (most of the action takes place at the end of a day, and the sun is setting, allowing for beautiful sky and backgrounds), the story is interesting, and the information about crows is well organized, well-researched, and teaches concepts as well as facts. This is the sort of book that left me thinking at the end that I didn’t know how much I am interested in crows.

Who is this book best for?

Strong third grade readers could read this book, but it would be best for fourth grade and up. This would be a great book for a classroom or school library, or as a resource for a research report. Middle schoolers might find its presentation a bit kiddish, but they would likely value the information. There are a number of studies that are explained in detail, including matching games, causal reasoning (dropping stones in a beaker to make the food float), memory for colors, caching, etc.

Challenge Rating: No Challenge

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