Ronnie, a 5th grader, fails her quiz on dinosaurs and needs to retake it the following day or face the prospect of being excluded from future educational opportunities including college. She encounters Ms. Lernin, a neighbour with a time tunnel disguised as a recycling bin. Using “science magic,” the two travel back in time to the Mesozoic Era, with stops along the way during the Triassic Period, the Late Jurassic Period, and the Cretaceous Period. Concurrent with the exploration of the animals present during each time period, the development of the land masses on earth (from Pangaea to the current arrangement of the continents) is illustrated. A key quote from Ms. Lernin is “We have to be ready to accept new discoveries, even if they change the way our favorite dinosaurs look, because that’s how science works!” (page 71). As expected, Ronnie becomes an enthusiastic supporter of all things scientific and eventually aces her re-quiz.

Why should I read this book?

This book will excite students with an interest in science that already exists. If not, then they will probably not endure the seemingly endless images and technical terms that are introduced along the way.

Who is this book best for?

Students already in love with science, and in particularly with an interest in Biology. This could be an interesting primer for students wanting to pursue biology or medicine to have their eyes opened to the vast amount of terminology at play in the field.

Challenge Rating: Potential Challenge

There are many references to evolution throughout which some parents may take issue with.

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