How to Fake A Moon Landing: Exposing the Myths of Science Denial explores a range of topics including the MMR vaccination scandal, fracking, homeopathy, and climate change. For students who are budding conspiracy theorists, this graphic novel goes into the science behind these topics to dispel common myths associated with these topics. In a generation of "fake news", this graphic novel guides students through the process of logically discerning whether something is scientifically sound.

Why should I read this book?

Since the book gives an overview of a variety of different issues, the content could tie into the history unit on the moon landing or explore the importance of scientific method and codes of research conduct in the MMR vaccination scandal.

Who is this book best for?

Since the content of each of the chapters is not necessarily dependent on the others, this resource could prove useful for students who want to learn about a specific instance of how science can refute myths. The graphic novel could serve as a launch pad for students to delve into further research on a topic, or be used to show them how to rigorously approach an issue that has conflicting views.

Challenge Rating: Potential Challenge

The graphic novel makes very clear stances on evolution and climate change that some parents, school systems, etc. may not be comfortable with if they themselves do not necessarily use science to justify their own claims. For that reason, although the book is accessible reading for middle school students, it's possible that the discernment required would be high school level depending on the student's background.

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