Ms. Gritt runs a Saturday morning car maintenance club. The members of the club include Abner, who is an old street racer; Lena, who drives a truck; Rocky and Esther, who are two middle school kids who are really interested in engineering; and Mason, who drives an old sedan. Over the course of the book, Ms Gritt teaches them everything from checking the fluid levels to replacing the drive belt.

Why should I read this book?

Along the way, we get to know each of the members of the club and it is honestly interesting to see the story unwind. I expected the narrative story to seem like a contrivance all the way through, but it was a real story that also teachers readers real important information. The art is excellent in that it gives us insights into what the students are thinking, but also shows each mechanical operation with great detail.

Who is this book best for?

It is written at a level that late elementary, middle school and high school studnts could enjoy it, but honestly, the next person I am loaning it to is my daughter who is a college Junior and just acquired her first mostly-functional automobile.

Challenge Rating: No Challenge

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