A mother Poral Bear and her two cubs allow us a glimpse into their lives in their graphic novel exploration of survival in the arctic. As the mother polar bear teaches the cubs about which sots of ice are strong enough to walk on, what it means to be a carnivore, how to stay cool, how to swim, how to catch seals, and all sorts of other vital knowledge to be a successful polar bear.

Why should I read this book?

The story is interesting, the scientific knowledge is solid and clear, and the illustrations are a delightful combination of a cartoonish style in some panels, and a much more realistic depiction in other panels. This allows the artist to insert some humor at times, but at other times to remain serious. Also, I love that one of the two cubs is a self-proclaimed ice-nerd.

Who is this book best for?

Fourth graders and up who like non-fiction will enjoy this book a great deal. Polar bears are both cute and cuddly (especially the cubs) and huge and ferocious (particularly the fully-grown males who may weigh up to nearly 2,000 pounds) so there is something for everybody in this book.

Challenge Rating: No Challenge

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