Hopper is a new girl at Stately Academy. Though she has trouble fitting in, she is more troubled by the angry janitor who yells at her and the creepy birds that seem to be staring at her. When she finally finds a friend, Eni, and then she finds a robot in the janitor's shed and at the same time, she also finds a mystery. One that will require math and logic to solve.

Why should I read this book?

Maybe the attempt at integrating math and logic into a graphic novel scares you, because you have read other graphic novels that try to weave mathematics into a story and you fear that this one will be clunky too. And honestly, maybe it is a little clunky here and there, but Gene Yang is such a gifted graphic novel artist and so skilled at telling a story through words and pictures that it is unlikely you will even notice the clunkiness -- even as you are subtly being taught how binary programming language works, and how to code directions for an ambulatory robot.

Who is this book best for?

For a middle school or high school teacher, this book is well worth getting for a classroom library, even if you don't teach math.

Challenge Rating: No Challenge

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