The Incredible Plate Tectonics Comic: The Adventures of Geo, Vol. 1 is a classic comic about Geo and his robot dog, Rocky, with parallels to everyday life. While learning about plate tectonics for a test, his imagination experiences an earthquake as he skateboards past a jackhammer, and a tsunami for the truck splashing water. The book is essentially split into two halves: first the comic and second the textbook-style resource with all the terms explained in detail. The graphic novel concludes with further activities including "Create your own tsunami" and a "Volcano crisis simulator".

Why should I read this book?

This graphic novel gives a gentle introduction to plate tectonics and geography. The first half details the adventures of Geo and his robot dog Rocky, the alter ego of a boy studying for his geography test. The second half of the book delves into the details of plate tectonics, volcanos, and tsunamis, and gives activities and further explorations into the work of geologists.

Who is this book best for?

Although recommended for grade 6 and up, the book should be accessible to elementary students as well.

Challenge Rating: No Challenge

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